NGC-2244 Star Cluster in the Caldwell 49 Rosetta Nebula.

SHO Pallet. Varying levels and assignments of SII, Ha and OIII

Date: 16 to 17 Jan 2023
OTA: iOptron RC8 Richey-Chretien
Mount: iOptron CEM60
Camera: ZWO ASI1600Mm
Filter Wheel: ZWO EFW (31mm)
Focuser: Primalucelab ESATTO2
Rotator: Primalucelab ARCO
Flattener: n/a
Reducer: n/a

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Lum: Synthetic
Red: n/a
Green: n/a
Blue: n/a
Ha: 25 @ 125 sec
OIII: 24 @ 120 sec
SII: 24 @ 120 sec
Total Integration Time: 2 Hr 26 Min
Location: East Balcony
Avg. Moon Phase: 33 %
Avg. Moon Age: 24.7 Days